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Note: early/priority admission closes in late January

Courses at the new Computer Science Academy are open to all students, but those who join the CS Master Program receive preference on class enrollment and receive special recognition and certification from the CS Academy upon graduation. The Academy also offers a series of foundational extra-curricular activities that strengthen the CS community within the school and expose the students to speakers and mentors from industry. The Academy welcomes students who want to take only one course, as well as those who want a more intensive experience.


Students accepted into the CS Master Program will receive priority enrollment in CS classes. Advanced students in the CS Master Program are asked to take leadership roles and mentor students with less experience. They will also be asked to spend up to 20 hours tutoring less experienced students in CS subjects during their junior and senior years and are encouraged to participate in the robotics club or other software competitions. CS Master students will be eligible to participate in field trips to Silicon Valley and take advantage of industry internship opportunities organized by industry partners. Freshmen and Sophomores with no previous experience may enter the CS Master Program, as well as Juniors with previous experience in coding, by permission of the instructors. Freshmen are eligible to take a special, online version of Freshman Seminar that is CS specific.

  • Master Students receive top priority in CS class enrollment.
  • Students must take 3 years of CS classes or 1 year past AP Computer Science.
  • Program availability may be limited, depending on availability of space in the upper level courses.
  • No previous computer science experience is necessary (must start with one of the intro courses).
  • Students are eligible to apply for industry partner-sponsored summer internships.
  • Students are expected to attend monthly lunch lectures with local CS executives.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in robotics programming or software competitions.
  • Students must contribute 20 hours of time mentoring other students.
  • Third year students may participate in a Silicon Valley Field Trip (Past trips have included visits to Google, Facebook, Stanford University, tech startups and the Computer Science Museum).
  • Certificate of Achievement upon completion.
  • Selection criteria: strong interest in computer science and willingness to serve as a student mentor CS tutor to others.


  • CS classes are open to all SBHS students on space-available basis.
  • Students who elect to join the 2-year Program will receive priority enrollment in CS classes.
  • All students are encouraged to participate in the robotics club and extracurricular coding competitions, and monthly lectures.
  • Select Upper class students in the 2- year program may participate in a Silicon Valley Field Trip, space permitting.


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