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The Computer Science Academy (CSA) offers a variety of courses to all students.  Students who make a two or more year commitment to the CSA will receive priority seating in our classes and be eligible for extra curricular activities that are not open to all students.  The flexibility of the CSA offers a pathway of interest to most all students. We hope to see you our classes in the fall.



MYTHS about the

Computer Science Academy

I need to have my own personal computer or laptop to be in the Computer Science Academy.

(FACT: The CSA doesn’t require any student to own a personal computer or laptop. The CSA has its own Mac & PC labs with extended hours for CSA student use outside of classroom time.)

I have to love math to be good at computer science.

(FACT: Many excellent coders enjoy art or music or history as much as math!)

Computer science only uses the left side of the brain and doesn’t involve any art or creativity.

(FACT: Our CSA courses involve lots of creativity! Check out our Computational Art class!)

Boys are better at computer science than girls.

(FACT: Some of the best coders who have completed the CSA program at SBHS have been girls!)

If I spend 4 years in the CSA in high school, I will feel isolated and won’t be able to participate in other high school activities.

(FACT: CSA students are involved in all areas of SBHS life – athletics, theater, ASB, etc.!)

I can’t apply to the Computer Science Academy because I don’t have any programming experience.

(FACT: No CS experience is required to start in the CSA. The CSA offers introductory courses that don’t assume any CS knowledge.)

Computer science is all about gaming and robotics.

(FACT: Computer science is a very diverse field and is useful in every career field. CSA field trips take students to companies that specialize in technology for the music industry, the medical field, engineering, construction, etc..)


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