Computer science students have the opportunity to participate in software competitions, interact with engineers and entrepreneurs and take field trips to Silicon Valley.

Field trips to Silicon Valley

CS Master Program students will take a spring field trip to Silicon Valley to tour software engineering departments at companies such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo and visit several early stage startups in San Francisco. They will also visit the Computer History Museum and the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. Students enrolled in the 2-year program will be included if space is available.

2015 field trip to Silicon Valley

SBHS Robotics Club

The Robotics Club at SBHS is oriented around the competitions that involve programming. They send teams to the regional Botball Tournament in Los Angeles each May. In addition, the group will also participate in a Vex Robotics challenge. The objective is to have small teams and ample hands-on experience, and to participate in the same competition for several years in a row. Students with a strong interest in robotics may want to take “C Programming for Robotics”, a one semester course that will be offered starting in the summer of 2014. One advantage of the Robotics Club is that students are encouraged to participate year-round for four years, developing more expertise each year. This program is also 100% student-driven, with the older students taking on leadership and organizational responsibilities.

Software Competitions

Starting in the spring of 2015, participants in the CS Master Program and students with more than one CS class completed will be encouraged to engage in coding competitions that are suitable for high school aged students (e.g. local or regional ACM competitions and those developed by the Academy in partnership with local universities).

Guest Speakers

Software engineers and internet entrepreneurs will be invited to speak with CS students on a regular basis.

Industry Internships

The SBHS CS Academy is partnering with local firms to offer programming internships to CS Master Program students after their junior year. The CS Academy will also host industry speakers on topics relating to software engineering, cloud computing, security and other issues relevant to the study of computer science.

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