How can students fit in 3-4 years of computer science?

It is not easy to find room in an academic schedule given the many requirements to graduate from SBHS and for applying to the UC system schools, especially if a student participates in band or athletics 6th period. The SBHS handbook describes the high school requirements which include taking Health and Freshman Seminar. UC schools require a full year of studio or performing art. Here are some strategies that could be helpful.

  • Take Health over the summer before starting 9th grade.
  • Add a zero period class.
  • Take a science course at SBCC over the summer. For example, several six week summer courses at SBCC are considererd to be equivalent to a full year biology at SBHS.
  • Take a summer or evening language course at SBCC. Each one semester course at SBCC counts for a full year of language at SBHS.
  • Take an online course from one of several online schools recognized in the state of California (such as K-12) and accepted by SBHS for credit.


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